Differentiating Between Stress And Anxiety: Do You Have One Or Both And What Should You Do About It?

Either stress or anxiety can put you on emotional overload, but do you fully understand the difference between the two, and, more importantly, know what to do about them? How Is Stress Different From Anxiety? While the words stress and anxiety often seem interchangeable in casual conversation, they're very distinct situations. Stress is what happens to everyone in everyday life, such as miles-long traffic, pressing deadlines, and overwhelming headlines. When someone says they're "

Why Are Open Adoptions More Common Now?

For many years, if you put a child up for adoption, it was understood that the child would not know you and you would not have any more contact with the child. These days, it is rare for this type of arrangement to be made. Instead, it is much more common to have some level of open adoption, meaning that the birth parents continue to have some amount of contact with their child even after the adoption takes place.

Depressed Parent – Family Therapy Is a Must

When a parent suffers from depression, the entire family can suffer. What a lot of people don't realize is how much of an impact this can have on the children in the home. If your family can relate, there are some things that you can do to ensure that what's going on now doesn't have a lasting impact on the children as they grow into adults and raise kids of their own.

Stressed At Work? There Is Help For That!

Stress at work is a relatively normal thing, but when that stress reaches such extreme levels that it affects your health, it's time to do something. If you've been dealing with an excess amount of stress caused by your occupation, keep reading. Here, you'll find a bit of information of what continuing to live this lifestyle could do to you and what you can do to reduce how badly work stresses you out.

Battling an Opioid Addiction? Why You Should Seek Professional Rehabilitation Treatment

Opioid addictions can develop in a very sinister, insidious way. You injure yourself at home, in the car or work and seek out medical treatment to help deal with the pain. The doctor then describes an opioid that can help block out some of the discomfort so you're able to live your daily life. However, you find yourself taking the drug more and more, even after your initial symptoms have disappeared.