How To Help Your Child With Speech Therapy

It's pretty normal for little children to have trouble establishing proper speech patterns. In fact, when little ones can't say their Rs, it is even pretty cute. For example, what can be more adorable than a little boy or a little girl saying "wabbit" instead of the word "rabbit?" However, if you feel like your child's speech is not age-appropriate, it might be time to see a therapist. Those who work in this field of therapy are also called speech pathologists, speech therapists or language therapists.

Living With Health Anxiety Disorder (Hypochondriasis)

Hypochondria or health anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that causes you to be hypervigilant about any bodily signs and symptoms that could indicate a medical condition. You may obsess about illness and engage in a lot of self-diagnosis. You may completely imagine signs or symptoms or perceive them to an exaggerated degree due to worry. To cope with it effectively and regain some peace of mind, you will want to think the degree it is affecting your life, about the possible origins of your problem, consider seeking treatment, and learn some positive coping strategies.

When It's Not Just Growing Pains: 3 Signs Your Child May Have A Mental Illness

Mental illness can be difficult to diagnose in children, partly because many people do not want to believe certain disorders can affect children. Many people with antisocial personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia had an early onset, even if it went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Some behaviors your child may display could be cause for concern.  Bad Imaginary Friends Many children have imaginary friends and the phenomenon may extend for years.

Ease Emotional Emergencies: 3 Anxious Family Times That Call For Good Parenting Therapy

Parents who want to be great role models and family leaders have a secret weapon in their fight to make the correct parental decisions. They can get feedback from parenting professionals to keep their goals in sight and their priorities clear. There are 3 specific situations when parenting therapy will help keep your family relationships tuned up and healthy: When death or trauma strikes. Each child and adult in your family will have their own unique responses to the deaths of loved ones or beloved animal companions.

Three Ways To Feel Confident About Recovery From Chemical Dependency

Up to now your addiction has imprisoned you in a self-defeating lifestyle, but you know there is a way out by getting treatment. Here are three things that can increase your chances of a sticking to a resolve to stay clean and sober following treatment. 1. Make Plans To Improve Your Life Following Treatment When you are in recovery from addiction, there will be a vacuum in your life that will need to be filled.